Our Why

Why Health and Wellbeing?

In the past, focusing on achievement and reaching goals just using academic measures worked. But now we are faced with a time where, in order to achieve success and happiness, we must focus on our wellbeing and self-awareness.

We hear about mental illness being on the rise and, yes, the reality is scary. Anxiety is now starting in children and the first episode of depression often strikes in adolescence. The World Health Organisation states that one in four people will experience a mental or neurological disorder. The present statistic showing there are around 450 million people already suffering from a mental disorder with more than 264 million also affected by depression, making mental disorders the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide.

So where do we go from here and what do we do? A focus on wellbeing is vital. We need to prepare ourselves and our children for a new time. One where it is not just about academics but rather about whole? self. Where it is about focussing on meaning, purpose and values, on who we are and who we want to be.

Through prioritising wellbeing and self-understanding, we equip ourselves and our children with the knowledge, tools and strategies to face an ever-changing landscape. One in which we need skills that allow us to be creative, adaptable, self-knowing and open problem solvers.

Why You?

Our end goal is to positively impact the lives of children and youth. To see them become the best versions of themselves, reach their potential in life and become positive contributors to the society they live in. We want to support our children with the tools and strategies to build self-awareness and a strong inner world, where wellbeing is the focus and the possibilities are endless.

For this to happen, we believe it is important to work closely with those who have the most impact on and spend the most time with children – educators and parents.

We call this the Circle of Influence, where each member in this circle has the child’s best interests at heart, believe in the potential within each child and are equally as impacted by the child’s belief in them.

If we truly want to support our children to be their best, we have to model the behaviours that do that. So not only do we provide the knowledge, skills, and strategies for you to influence children, but we also share them to support you. When you are the best version of yourself, you have the ability to make a more lasting impact on the children around you.

Why MomentumEC?

At MomentumEC we want everyone to have the chance to build a strong foundation; one upon which you can face life’s challenges, adversities, and successes with the same strength and resilience. We believe in providing opportunities to build self-awareness, through our MEC Wellbeing framework and concepts to better understand ourselves, our strengths, limitations, and capabilities.

Our aim is to allow everyone, children and adults alike, to step forward into their potential and flourish. We want you to have the tools and strategies to allow yourselves to grow, learn and achieve in whichever way you choose.

We work with schools, teachers, parents, and students on various levels to support flourishing. From workshops on concepts for wellbeing and self-understanding for teachers, parents, and students, to creating resources and teaching plans for whole school wellbeing, to parent focussed sessions and school selection support. We believe that by providing support at different levels to all those in a child’s circle of influence, we have a chance to make a positive impact on our children.