What We Do at MomentumEC

16 July, 2018

So what do you do? It’s a question I often get asked and with many different ways to teach and talk about wellbeing, it is an important question to clarify.

At Momentum EC we believe we are stronger facing the outside elements when our internal world is built upon a solid foundation. This belief is what has determined our direction and vision.

External elements impact us

Our vision is to provide everyone with a chance to achieve their potential by building strong foundations that allow them to operate in optimal well-being through knowledge, application and embodiment. In order to become positive contributors to our society, we must first understand who we are and be the best version of ourselves. When we have the skills and strategies to be ourselves, I believe we can operate more effectively in our lives and make a more meaningful impact on the world around us.

I work towards building a sustainable approach to wellbeing with schools for the benefit of educators, parents and most importantly students. I believe if we want to see a change for students then, as educators and parents, we also need the tools to reshape our thinking and work towards achieving our own potential. Using the premise of the Circle of Influence, I focus on involving all stakeholders in the process. When we work with educators and parents around the importance of wellbeing, then we can make an impact on the students and in turn, they have an impact on us.

MomentumEC Circle of Influence

I use my strengths of observing and understanding to identify a school’s needs and work with them using the Process Triangle. This allows me to support the acquisition of knowledge, and the application and embedding of concepts that are vital to creating overall wellbeing and an environment that supports individuals to flourish.

MomentumEC Process Triangle

We have created various sessions for teachers, parents, and students to support you in starting your journey and can tailor any programs to continue this support. Have a look at our website momentumec.com.au for more information.


Sapna Sachdeva 2018