Student Sessions

The reality is mental health issues are increasing and contributing to difficulties at school. We have students who can’t cope with situations in and outside of school, students who don’t want to take risks or try new things and students who don’t have the confidence or self-esteem to be seen or heard. 
Research has shown if we focus on wellbeing tools and strategies we give students opportunities to flourish, build coping strategies and also increase their academic performance.

The Thrive is Right

Concepts to support you to thrive.
We will cover concepts that will support students to deal with their experiences and build tools to help them manage them.

In this session we will cover:

  • The importance of happiness and what it reallymeans
  • Understanding strengths
  • Creating growth mindsets
  • Building positive self-talk dialogue

Let’s Flourish Together

Concepts to support students to be their best and flourish.
We will cover concepts that will support students to identify how to be their best and flourish in their environments.

In this session we will cover:

  • How to identify our strengths
  • How to live to our strengths
  • Understanding grit and effort
  • Accepting mistakes as part of the growth
  • Using mindfulness as a tool

We also run individual sessions for the following concepts:

  • Happiness & Values,
  • Strengths,
  • Mindset & Praise,
  • Grit & Effort,
  • Self-talk & Emotions.

Each concept will cover, where applicable:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the concept
  • Strategies for concept
  • Benefits of concept
  • Expression and Management of concept
  • Impact for self and others
  • Support for self and others