At Momentum Education Consulting our aim is to inspire students to be their best, reach their potential and become positive contributors in society.

We do this by working with those who have the greatest impact on children – schools, teachers and parents.

We believe that when you model the behaviours and skills that lead to flourishing, you enable children to strive for the same.



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Utilising our valuable experience working with children, we offer:

1. Parenting Sessions: The ‘Thriving Parents, Flourishing Children’ sessions will give you the knowledge and skills to help your children flourish, through recognising strengths, understanding emotions and nurturing positive mindset and self-talk.

2. One-on-one Coaching: We support ‘Flourishing Families’ by understanding your needs and working with you to support your child socially, emotionally and behaviourally.

3. School Selection: We understand how hard it can be to choose the ‘right’ school for your child, so we support and guide you to identify what you want in a school and to select the best fit school for you and your child.



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Drawing on our extensive work in schools, our knowledge and understanding of how they operate and current evidence-based best practice, we offer:

1. Health Education and Respectful Relationships: We provide planning and assessment support for Health Education and Respectful Relationships, as well as focus sessions to develop your staff’s knowledge and confidence in these areas.

2. Wellbeing Sessions:  The ‘Thriving Schools, Connected Students’ sessions support schools using Positive Psychology and wellbeing strategies that enhance connectedness, perseverance and resilience. We run these sessions for teachers, school administrators, students and parents.

3. Content Development: We support your staff to develop scope and sequences, planners, activities and assessments in Health Education and Wellbeing that are suited to your school and student cohorts.

4. Culture Creation: We guide you to create an environment that allows and enhances connectedness, using concepts and tools to define your vision and goals, and to motivate your staff in creating a shared positive culture.



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Using our wellbeing knowledge and experience to enhance environments, we offer:

1. Culture Creation: We support you to create an environment that aligns all employees with the vision and mission of your organisation. We do this through using concepts and tools to define your vision and goals in order to motivate your staff in developing a shared culture.

2. Wellbeing Presentations: We help your employees to be their best at work and in life with through sharing wellbeing knowledge, skills and strategies. We explore concepts such as strengths, mindset and self-talk to support them in understanding what drives or inhibits their journey to success.




Drawing on our experiential and research-based knowledge, we offer:

1. Wellbeing Workshops: We share knowledge, skills and strategies to allow you to find your flow and thrive in all aspects of life. The ‘Finding your Momentum’ sessions will support you in recognising strengths, understanding emotions, and nurturing positive mindset and self-talk.




Ask us about how we can also create resources to suit your specific needs.

We also develop books and resources around key wellbeing topics to support educators, parents and children with their wellbeing and knowledge of self.



MEC Wellbeing Framework


We have created a framework that we believe will allow individuals to thrive and work towards their potential. From research and through our experience we have identified seven aspects we see as being involved in self-discovery and understanding, that will then culminate in self-acceptance and self-belief.

Ask us for information on how we use this to plan our sessions and to inform our coaching.