Sharon Wildermuth

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Lead - Year 5 Teacher - Malvern Central School

Sapna is an inspiring and passionate educationalist who is a leader in her field. She is committed to positive education, life long learning and to the growth of her colleagues and her students’.

Her dedication to student well-being and her empowerment of others is what makes her an outstanding educator. She is fantastic presenter who puts her audience at ease with her calm, friendly nature and she easily conveys her depth of knowledge in engaging ways. She is passionate about supporting teachers and students and loves what she does.


Kerry Clayton

Principal - Featherbrook P – 9 College

Sapna’s deep and enduring knowledge, expertise and passion for the wellbeing of young people is evident in the way she builds trusting relationships with them as a teacher.

Sapna has earned a professional reputation as a teacher leader, supporting schools through targeted professional development provision that complements the school’s current student well-being programs and approaches.

Sapna worked with the Featherbrook teaching staff to support and strengthen their professional knowledge and practices specific to building emotional and social skills with the Prep – 2 students. She initially sought to understand the school’s approach to student well-being before developing the subsequent workshops firstly with the whole staff, juxtaposing it with the SWPBS framework followed by more team-specific based workshops and conversations.

Sapna provided and recommended relevant resources for the teachers to use…generously continued to be a source of professional support beyond her immediate work with the Featherbrook teaching staff. Her expertise and influence…has enriched the SWPBS approach to student wellbeing.


Katie Abela

Classroom Teacher - Featherbrook College

Sapna has made a significant difference to the way that we support students with their Social and Emotional Learning by providing our school with engaging professional learning, catering for teachers of students in prep through to year 6.

She helped me to work with staff to implement the program and provided valuable resources to ensure that we had all that we needed to effectively use the program across the school.


Joanna Earle

Teacher - Malvern Central School

Sapna Sachdeva has vast and creditable experience in the area of Positive Education and Student Wellbeing.

Her presentation to our staff was informative, interactive and an excellently delivered. Sapna was able to answer the vast number of questions of the staff, leaving the participants feeling informed and empowered in this area.

Sapna’s experience and knowledge is paramount for any school that wants to make sustainable change in the area of whole school wellbeing.