Modelling Change for Children

30 January, 2019

One of the key drivers for me to start Momentum Education Consulting was my belief that children deserve a holistic education. One in which they are taught how to cultivate their wellbeing, how to focus on growth, and how to build social and emotional skills, allowing them to reach their potential and flourish. I have been passionate about this from when I started working as a classroom teacher. But the reality is, as much as we can directly teach students these skills and knowledge, there’s an even more important way to help them grow, learn and flourish.

“Sometimes words are just noise… don’t tell me; show me.” Steve Maraboli

Much research shows that children learn best through modelling. That’s how we teach them the ‘right’ way, and that’s usually how they learn the ‘wrong’ things too! So, if we know they learn best through modelling, what’s our responsibility as adults? We also need to focus on our wellbeing and growth in order to flourish. As educators and parents, we often know what we want for our students and children – for them to be socially equipped and emotionally adept – but how often are these the skills we are actually showing them?

In this journey to create a generation of children who flourish and reach their potential (whatever it may be) through self-awareness and acceptance, we, as educators, parents, schools and communities, must also be on the journey. So, let’s all do it together. Let’s create a society where we all focus on wellbeing, growth, and social and emotional skills. We all want it: a life where we fulfil our potential, where we thrive and most of all, where we are truly happy.


Sapna Sachdeva 2019