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Sapna Sachdeva


Sapna Sachdeva has been an educator for over 10 years. Early in her career she did her Masters in Education (Student Wellbeing) and there began her passion to bring out the best in students. To further enhance her skills she has also done courses in Positive Psychology (Coursera), Coaching (Growth Coaching International) and Psychotherapy (Institute of Psychosynthesis).

Recently she has worked for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as a Specialist Teacher supporting the roll-out of the Victorian F-10 curriculum, specifically in Health and Personal and Social Capability. This work has given her in depth knowledge of the Victorian Curriculum and a strong foundation for her work in wellbeing.

Through her own schooling experience and work in schools, Sapna noticed that the emphasis on academics was missing a key foundational stone. She focused her work on this missing element of wellbeing and social and emotional learning.

She has created various wellbeing programs, run professional learning across multiple schools and conferences, across the state and nationally, and has immersed herself in Positive Psychology as a best practice concept.

Sapna was humbled to receive Positive Teacher of the Year (2015) in Victoria from Positive Schools, an indication she was on the right path to achieve change in education and further her work for students.

Sapna works closely with students, teachers and parents to deliver programs that create links between these stakeholders. Her vision is to see a focus on resilience, self-acceptance and belief becoming a key element of every education setting across Australia and Internationally.