Working with students, teachers and parents to create a positive, sustainable environment for ongoing wellbeing.


Incorporating Positive Psychology concepts: character strengths, growth mindset and grit to support students to shift thinking towards acceptance and self-belief.


We tailor our programs to suit the needs of individuals, the school and the community as a whole, integrating alongside existing frameworks.

It’s okay to do something that you haven’t done before,
because if we don’t do those things, we never grow.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch Ever had one of those weeks where everything that happens removes one of your zones of comfort? That’s been my week this week. My relationship, job and apartment – all my comfort zones – gone in the one week. I knew these changes […]

So what do you do? It’s a question I often get asked and with many different ways to teach and talk about wellbeing, it is an important question to clarify. At Momentum EC we believe we are stronger facing the outside elements when our internal world is built upon a solid foundation. This belief is […]

How often are you distracted, caught up in what might have been or the what-ifs? “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” (Oprah Winfrey). But, we are so caught up being ‘busy’ that it’s like we overlook the idea of having space and time to just […]

Recently I was speaking to a friend about respect and we were reflecting on our Indian parents’ generation’s idea of respect, which focuses on age and age alone as the determining factor of whether you receive respect. I would argue it’s not based on the premise of mutual respect, rather it’s quite accepted that it […]

2017 was the year I’d decided to focus on me. I wanted to discover the parts of myself I’d kept hidden over the years, the parts that weren’t defined by insecurities and lack, and most importantly I wanted to be my true self. So, I set a goal to be more authentic. It was interesting […]


I often reflect on what my strengths are and whether they have changed. But what has become clear is there was a time when I didn’t have the language, nor the confidence, to share my strengths.

Those thoughts often used to invade my mind, especially when talking about maths or creativity. In these situations, no matter the task, I could never move past the statement “I’m not good at that” or “that’s not my strength”, until I started learning about the growth mindset.


For so long society has been reactive. That old adage rings true “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It surrounds us and as an educator that’s what you’re taught. If a student is playing up, implement a behaviour management plan or put consequences in place.